#PeopleOfClimate: A global portrait of people making a difference for climate

The word historic often gets applied to protests and rallies by their organisers, but this weekend’s global climate action can surely credibly claim such status.

In New York, the turn out seems to have been around 400,000, with protesters stretching almost 30 blocks up the side of Central Park. It’s the biggest protest America has seen in a very long time, but beyond this, organisers estimate that well over half a million people around the world took to streets to demand action from their leaders. From New Delhi to Melbourne, Johannesburg to Rio de Janeiro, London, Paris, Brussels and Berlin, people in over 150 countries joined over 2500 events across the world.

Wherever they were held, these actions were characterised by a spirit of diversity and openness. It was an incredible feat of international civic action. How it’ll go from here is to be seen, but here’s our round up of some of the amazing individuals who turned up to take part.

Storify compiled by Michelle Kovacevic, science communicator

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