Ten great writers to follow on Twitter for climate change news

Looking to quickly build climate change into your Twitter feed? Here’s ten people you should follow.

And of course, if you’d like to follow all of them quickly, we’ve built a Twitter list for you.

Suzanne Goldenberg

@suzyji — The Guardian’s award-winning US environment correspondent, based in Washington DC. There’s a big environment team at the Guardian, see also @fionaharvey, @john_vidal, @karlmathiesen, @adamvaughan_uk@ArthurNeslen, @dpcarrington, @james_randerson and @georgemonbiot.

Brad Plumer

@bradplumer — Senior editor at Vox, and self-described reporter on the “apocalypse beat” he has a clear, sometimes stark take on climate issues. Also worth following at Vox is energy and climate specialist David Roberts, @drvox.

Brentin Mock

@brentinmock — Currently staff writer at City Lab, Mock’s done some of the best work exploring the intersection of race and environmental politics in the US whilst at Grist.

Megan Darby

@rtcc_megan — News Editor at Responding to Climate Change. It’s also worth following the site’s Editor, Ed King, @rtcc_edking

Stella Paul

@stellasglobe — Award-winning Indian journalist who covers climate change and other environment topics, often focusing on women and indigenous people.

Roz Pidcock

@RozPidcock — Deputy Editor and Science Editor the Carbon Brief, her colleagues @leohickman, @DrSimEvans, @some_yeo, @rtmcswee and @_rospearce are worth following too.

Christine Ottery

@christineottery — Deputy Editor for Energy Desk. The site is embedded in Greenpeace, but Ottery shouldn’t be confused as a spokesperson for the NGO, she’s a journalist.

John Upton

@johnupton — Senior Science Writer at Climate Central. You can also follow Climate Central’s chief scientist @heidicullen, and other writers @bobbymagill @andreatweather and @blkahn.

Eric Holthaus

@EricHolthaus — Meteorologist perhaps most famous for breaking down in tears when boarding a flight in San Francisco, vowing never to fly again. Covers weather and climate for Slate.

Gaia Vince

@wanderinggaia — Freelance writer, editor and broadcaster. Former analysis and features editor for Nature Climate Change, she’s also author of Adventures In The Anthropocene.


If you want to quickly follow all of these, don’t forget our Twitter list that you can subscribe to. Thanks to Leigh Phillips, Robin Webster, Owen Gaffney and Mike Shanahan for their input to this list.

This article was updated on 21 May 2015 to reflect that Brentin Monk is now a staff writer at City Lab.


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