15 negotiators that can make or break the climate deal

With just over 100 days to go before the historic climate negotiations in Paris begin, who are the key negotiators with the ability to make or break a deal?

We asked a panel of representatives from think tanks, the media, negotiating teams and civil society with many years of experience watching these complex negotiations. The names do not just reflect the individuals, rather it is a combination of the country they represent, the country bloc they may lead or dominate and also the individual personalities and their legacy from past COPs. Some of these are veterans who can boast more than a decade of involvement in this process, others are newer, career diplomats. Sometimes the lead negotiators act more as advisors to the head of state who will be in the room during the final hours to make the deal.

Thanks to all those who contributed to this list, including Batu Uprety, Raju Pandit Chhetri, Joanna Depledge, Siddharth Pathak, Ugan Manandhar, and Saleemul Huq. A few individuals have asked to remain anonymous.