20 people we want to hear more from in the climate change debate

We launched with a list of fifteen voices in climate change we can expect to hear more from in the run-up to the 2015 climate talks in Paris. There were a few names on that list that upset some readers, but it was never meant to be a list of people we liked, just those we expected to see.

This time, we wanted to offer a more positive set of names we’d like to hear more from. Considering the nominations we received – not just those who made it into the final 20 – people we spoke to wanted to hear more from scientists, but not just the usual suspects. There were a few calls for younger scientists, female scientists and people working on topics other than climate. We also had nominations for the voices of youth, more from the global south, small island states, indigenous voices and finance and business.

So here’s our list of twenty people we want to hear more from, whittled down from a long-list of suggestions from our judges and readers. It’s still a very limited list though – who else would you add? Let us know on Twitter!

Thanks to all our judges for their nominations, and apologies that a lot of their excellent recommendations didnt make it to the final list: Alice Bows-Larkin, Max Boycoff, Simon Buckle, Mike Childs, Tan Copsey, Susannah Eliott, Sam Geall, Will Grant, Fiona Fox, Leo Hickman, Brendan Montague, Tim Nuthall, James Painter, Chris Rapley, John Timmer, James Wilsdon. Thanks also to everyone on Twitter for further suggestions too.