The top 15 most influential people in climate change

As we start our journey to the Paris 2015 talks, whose voices can we expect to hear quoted in the news, penning op-eds, making speeches, taking to the streets or social media? What are their aims? Where do they position themselves?

We asked a panel of climate news watchers who they expected to hear from in the global media in the run up to 2015. The resulting list is just fifteen key names from a long list which included around 100 people from all over the world, perhaps reflecting the diversity and networked nature of the climate debate.

This list isn’t of the most powerful people in climate change, nor is it of people we want to hear more from. It’s just those we expect to see in the news, presented in alphabetical order rather than reflecting prestige or preference.

Do you agree with our collection? Who else is missing? Are these the names we want to hear from? Who would you like to hear more from? And we know the first answer to this question will be women, so watch out for our list of 20 women making waves in the climate change debate, coming soon.

Thanks to all our judges for their nominations, and apologies that a lot of their excellent recommendations didnt make it to the final fifteen: Alice Bows-Larkin, Max Boycoff, Simon Buckle, Mike Childs, Tan Copsey, Susannah Eliott, Sam Geall, Will Grant, Fiona Fox, Leo Hickman, Brendan Montague, Tim Nuthall, James Painter, Chris Rapley, John Timmer, James Wilsdon.