Winnie Byanyima

Oxfam’s leader bringing expertise on gender and climate change

A Ugandan aeronautical engineer turned politician, Winnie Byanyima has been Executive Director of Oxfam International since May 2013. A world authority on the gender dimension of climate change, you can watch an interview with her held at the Durban climate talks on the topic. As Director of the gender team of the United Nations Development Program, she co-founded the Global Gender and Climate Alliance. At the Warsaw climate talks last year, she led a mass walk out from civil society organisations under a “polluters talk, we walk” banner, especially frustrated by the idea that ‘clean coal’ might be suggested as action on climate change. Byanyima has also recently acted as a spokesperson on Oxfam’s work unpicking the role of the food industry as emitters of greenhouse gases. Follow her on Twitter @Winnie_Byanyima.